Vintage Cat Playhouse

$ 26.10
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Vintage Cat Playhouse allows to

  • Save your sofa
  • Create the new Dj generation
  • Distract your little friend


Are you a cat person? If yes, it probably means that you have one of this little monster sharing your daily life.

Then you know how annoying it is to have destroyed furnitures because of your little friend.

It is quite normal for him to sharpen his claws, not for your sofa…

If you want to rescue your home furniture, the vintage cat playhouse is for you!

With this turntable, your cat will quickly reveal all of his talent and be on the top of the chart!

The Vintage Cat Playhouse allows him to express his creativity!

Let’s the party begins!


  • Cardboard scratching deck for cats
  • Fun distraction for your cat
  • Comes with spinable deck and posable arm
  • Cat not included





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