Ugly Christmas Sweater

$ 49.95
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Mind your manners please !

The Ugly Christmas Sweater allows you to :

  • Make Ugly Christmas Sweater Party
  • Make people laugh
  • Keep you warm !


Aaah Christmas, what a joyful and happy period !

During the feast of Christmas everything’s beauiful: dark streets lights up, shops  are decorated, trees are covered of garlands… !

Like I told you, everything looks great on Xmas.

Actually… not everything! The exception that proves the rule: the famous Xmas sweater!

Tired of these ugly stuff knitted by your Grandma?!

Here’s the JPB version of the sweater: the Ugly Christmas Sweater !


  • Extremely soft and high quality
  • Will not schrink or itch
  • 100% acrylic




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