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Hop, message send

Toymail allows you to :

  • Stay connected with your kids
  • No matter where you are
  • Send voice messages super easily


Even if really attracted by those weird devices, kids and phones are usually incompatible… Licking it, pushing on every key, coloring the screen… Their usage is not very efficient…

Ingenious and funny trick, Toymail is THE solution to talk easily with your kids when you’re not at home.

With its incredibly cute design, Toymail will allow you to record a message, send it to your toddlers that gonna be able to listen to it and even answer you without difficulty!


  • App compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Suitables for ages 3+
  • Mailmen will say your message in a funny voice (or your own)
  • Mailmen snort, wheeze, howl, and growl to let your kid know they have a new toymail message



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