Target Alarm Clock

$ 19.98
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The Target Alarm Clock is perfect to:

  • Become a “morning person”
  • Be operationnel as soon as you wake up
  • Start your day by a real gun shot!


Grumpy and sleepy just after waking up, you’re not a “morning person”?

Every day, you literally want to shoot that thing who dares interrupt your sleep? It is now possible!

The Target Alarm Clock has been created for people just like you (which means, almost every human on earth…!)

The goal is very simple: when the Target Alarm Clock goes off, a small target pops up. Grab your gun as quick as possible and shoot the target to turn if off.

Bip… bip… Shoot!


  • Clock with sound
  • Custom alarm tone
  • 2 game modes
  • Camouflage color



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