Sun Jar Light

$ 27.34
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Add color to your backyard!

The Sun Jar Light is perfect to:

  • Give a poetic character to your outside
  • Create a colorfull atmosphere
  • Enjoy a moonlit evening


With the Sun Jar Light, immerse your outside in a colorful and magical atmosphere: perfect to enjoy a moonlit evening!

The soft and relaxing light will give to your backyard that “certain something ” that makes all the difference, creating a cosy atmosphere!

Powered by solar energy, this small lamp (besides being funny and practical) is eco-friendly and economic.

During the day, leave your Sun Jar Light outside or in a sunny window and it will be ready for nighttime.


  • Solar powered light
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor usage
  • 3 colors: Blue-Pink-Yellow
  • Each Jar comes in 1 color



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