Sprout Pencil


$ 17.95
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Let's sprout your ideas

The Sprout Pencil allows you to :

  • Sprout herbs from your pencil
  • Recycle your pencil instead of throwing it
  • Have a fun flowerpot decoration


Recently, pencils have been waved against weapons ! As a strong symbol, a proof of freedom.

From a pencil, everything can grow, a sketch, a poem, an idea.

And it’s even more true with the Sprout Pencil ! That brilliant idea sprouted in three engineering students’ mind. Then it grows and today the Sprout Pencil is sale all over the world.

100% green, that pencil may be planted. And will actually give you a real plant ! At the end of the pencil, there is a biodegradable seed capsule.

The principle is simple : once your pencil is too short to write, you just plant it ! Basil, mint, lavender… you’ll grow all kind of herbs and plants.


  • Pencil made of natural materials
  • 12 seeds varieties
  • Biodegradable seed capsule
  • Can be plant inside and outside



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