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For a better sleep

The SleepCompanion allows you to :

  • Have a better sleep
  • Have a great night
  • Wake up effortlessly


We won’t repeat it enough : your sleep is ESSENTIAL ! For both you and your entourage !

So, it is absolutely necessary to prepare your night. “But how ?” , you’ll say. Well, it’s easy with the SleepCompanion !

That magical bulb, with its fantastic app’, adjusts its light according to the time of the day. It combines different types of LEDs to act on the level of melatonin in the body. Scientifically proven to optimize your sleep !

Originally developed to enable astronauts to better manage their sleep cycle, the Sleep Companion will revolutionize your nights !


  • Track and understand the factors affecting your sleep
  • Helps you to have a better sleep
  • Clinically proven



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