Sky Planter


$ 22.97
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Upside Down

The Sky Planter allows you to :

  • Save some space
  • Have a defying gravity deco
  • Recreate the gardens of Babylone in your place


Unfortunately, our houses and appartments are not extensible (we tried to push the walls, but no way… !)

Every little space has an crucial importance. Each ledge is essential. So what do you think of using a “uncommon space” ? Your ceillings !

With the Sky Planter, recreate the gardens of Babylone in your sweet home, and hang up your plants !

A design touch defying gravity !


  • Luscious green plants, and ceilings not included
  • One planter per kit
  • Easy to install and won’t make a mess
  • Clever design means you save water and space



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