Shippon Self Watering Animals

$ 15.29
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The Shippon Self Watering Animals allows you to :

  • Don’t have to worry about watering your herbs
  • Extend the life of those poor herbs


How many times didn’t you think : “Oh, what if I try to grow my own aromatic herbs…?”

Every time, this seems to be an amazing idea! So we’re proud our new (mad) idea, we take car of our little plant, it lasts one day, two days and then… you know what happens : you forget to water and…

With the Shippon Self Watering Animals, you won’t have to do anything except plant those herbs! Then perch the animal on the edge of any glass or mug and it will soak the water up whenever your plant needs a drink!


  • Happy ceramic creatures with long tails that soak up water to feed your plant
  • Choose from : Cat – Wild Strawberry / Dog – Clover / Monkey – Basil
  • Box contain a ceramic animal planter, seeds, soil, backpack pot and a plastic cup



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