Self Stirring Mug

$ 10.19
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Hands Free

The Self Stirring Mug allows you to :

  • Be super lazzy
  • Keep one hand free to hold this heavy head
  • Stir your precious beverage


“Grmblmphngn” here’s one of your favourite sentence, at least in the morning…

Yep, you’re not a “morning person”, and that’s no secret to anybody ! Once out of your bed, you need time, lots of time, to wake you up.

In a near lethargic-like state, every movement requires an energy you don’t have at that precise time. That’s why, at Junkpeoplebuy, we decided to make your life easier !

Let us introduce you your new survival tool : the Self Stirring Mug. No more insurmountable efforts to stir your precious beverage, a pressure on the button and that’s it ! Your second hand can keep holding that lazy head while the other one will feed you up.


  • Mug with a button to stir itself
  • Hand washing only
  • Power : 2 x AAA battery (not included)



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