Scrabble Lights

$ 31.49
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Word it up !

The Scrabble Lights allows you to :

  • Light your place up
  • Add a personalised touch
  • Chose the word you want


The DIY trend and the ultra-personalisable stuffs are THE big mood of the year, and honestly, we kind of like it !

Being able to customize every trinket to decorate at best your sweet home… We say YES !

Last treasure : the Scrabble Lights. A cute fairy lights to to light your place up in a funny and personalized way !

Chose your message and light it up !


  • String of 10 customisable scrabble tile shaped lights
  • Include 60 reusable letter stickers
  • Mains adaptor included
  • Lights measure 6×6 cm
  • Cable measures 200 cm



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