Sarcastic Magic 8 Ball


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You wish !

The Sarcastic Magic 8 Ball allows you to :

  • Get answers to existential questions
  • Have some clear responses
  • Have a sincere and external advice


Sceptical about your future, you could really use a few answers to those existential questions (as for example : “Will I ever be president ?”,  “will I get a new Iphone for Xmas ?”, “will I ever have thos gorgeous Louboutin ?”… questions like that !)

To enlighten you, there’s nothing better than the Sarcastic Magic 8 Ball ! A magical ball as we’ve all seen in TV shows and movies since we’re kids, but with a tiny difference… a sarcastic touch that will clear your mind !

Answers such as “You’ve to be kidding”, “You wish” or even “Don’t ask me, I’m a ball” !


  • Magic Ball
  • Answer to your existential questions with sarcasm
  • 20 different responses



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