Pet Bow Tie

$ 12.00
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Tonight it's his night !

The Pet Bow Tie allows you to:

  • Have a well dressed up pet
  • Turn your dog into a seducer


As the New Year festivities are fast approaching, everyone tries desperately to find something appropriate to wear  on the great Eve.

Shops are bursting with evening dresses, three-piece suits and other elegant outfits.

But we usually forget someone in this “Festivities Mania”… That’s right, our little shaggy friends! They would love to join the party!

That’s now possible with the Pet Bow Tie!

Your little buddy gonna be incredibly good looking with this bow tie, perfect for fancy dress parties!


  • Reversible Pet Bow Tie
  • Fun Polka dots ans smart black
  • One size fits all
  • Just attach the bow tie to yout pets collar



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