Papa Bear Screwdrivers


$ 25.59
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Thanks Papa Bear !

The Papa Bear Screwdrivers allow you to :

  • Have an adorble toolbox
  • Have your daily tools all time available


A toolbox is never really lovely. Cold, stern, ugly colors… Your toolbox is not the thing you want to show off.

You hide it in the basement, far, very far from your daily life ! So far that you can’t actually find it back and you just never use it.

What if your basic tools become super cute ? We would use them much more right ?

The Papa Bear Screwdrivers are THE solution ! All the mainly screwdrivers in one adorable papa bear belly.


  • An array of screwdrivers snuggled beneath this unbearably adorable exterior
  • Includes two Phillips, two Slotted two Hex and a two-way ratchet screwdriver
  • Available in five different colours





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