Ostrich Pillow


$ 93.99
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Bury your head in it

The Ostrich Pillow allows you to :

  • Enjoy a fulfilling nap
  • Escape from the noise pollution
  • Sleep wherever you want, whenever you want!


What’s the Ostrich Pillow? Well, it’s THE pillow with a major P!

Ultra comfy cocoon, the Ostrich Pillow is THE phenomenon, THE revolution, THE solution to lack of sleep.

Bury your head in this weird pillow, you’ll be plunged into a warm and tranquil sanctuary, away from the noise pollution!

On the train, at the office, at the airport… Escape from the hustle and bustle and take the opportunity to enjoy a deep and fulfilling powernap.


  • Flexible fabric filled with micro balls
  • Opening for mouth and nose
  • Hand crafted in Spain




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