Offensive Business Cards

$ 14.99
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It's time to react!

The Offensive Business Cards help you to:

  • Convey a clear message
  • Say stuff that you never dare to say
  • Keep it cool and professional


Angry about something, you would like to express it but you don’t know how…

The Offensive Business Cards are there to help you! You will finally get the chance to rant, while keeping it cool.

Your neighbor doesn’t know how to park – give him a card. This guy in the bus smells like hell – give him a card.

Don’t suffer anymore, it’s time to react!

There is an Offensive Business Cards for every situation so don’t be stingy!


  • Includes a variety of insults
  • 100 Offensive Buisness Cards total split up over 8 different templates
  • Come in a convenient card holder box for easy storage



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