Nessie Ladle

$ 2.49
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Have you seen Nessie ?

The Nessie Ladle allows you to :

  • No more messy thanks to Nessie
  • Scoop yer soup with this fable ladle
  • Bring back the legend in your kitchen


Believe it or not, the Lock Ness Monster exists, and he lives in your deep pots !

Diving into your favorite soups, the Nessie Ladle will bring back the legend to your kitchen.

Monstrously adorable, this kitchen tool is also incredibly useful. No more risk to lose your ladle in your pots or on your work surface, Nessie fits on her four little legs.

A true ladle revolution, a monstrous success !


  • Made from 100% acrylic
  • Dishwasher proof



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