Magical Unicorn Mask

$ 34.99
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Give birth to this awesome creature

Magical Unicorn Mask allows you to

  • Run hair in the wind
  • Be a part of the Magical Unicorn Gang
  • Be Back to the enchanting world


Who dared to say that the unicorn does not exist? Shame on you ! Yes,you, I know you do not believe in unicorns!

For centuries, these wonderful magical animals keep on living in an hidden way…They disappeared from reality and just show up in our dream without having the chance to run hair in the wind.

Sad, isn’t it?

But today we have the opportunity to change the world.

With the Magical Unicorn Mask, everybody has the chance to reveal the unicorn inside us!

Don’t wait anymore, wear your mask and gallop!


  • Unicorn head made in latex
  • Fits most adults heads
  • Hace the accoutrments tag to proof it’s a real one




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