Jumbo Cutlery Drainer


$ 23.10
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Junk out the trunk

The Jumbo Cutlery Drainer allows you to :

  • Dry your cutlery
  • Combine design ans useful
  • Make your tasks easier


We all agree to say that washing the dishes is not a pleasant moment ! And dry the damned dishes, certainly not a great time.

Thankfully, designers try to embellish or daily life and we thank them for that !

Here’s a proof of their involvement : the Jumbo Cutlery Drainer. The cutest way to dry your cutlery !

This adorable elephant will fit perfectly on the side of your sink and will collect the runoff water and directs it back into the sink through his nose.

Suitable also for your toothbrushes


  • Cutlery and toothbrushes drainer
  • Drain all excess water from your wet cutlery straight into the sink.



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