Jenga Drinking Game

$ 19.95
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Don't let it fall !

The Jenga Drinking Game allows you to :

  • Have fun
  • Get drunk
  • Challenge your motor skills


During a party, there’s nothing more effective than a drinking game to launch the festivities !

By the way, that’s not for nothing that there are thousands of it. Card game, dice, mime,… Every game of our childhood is now used as a pretext to drink ! An example : Jenga !

For years, this wood tower makes you having fun ? Well, that’s not going to stop ! Say Hi to the Jenga Drinking Game !

The concept is quite simple here, the rules don’t really change with one exception : every bloc will give you a challenge !

Watch out, you better not let it fall !


  • Drinking game
  • Includes 4 shot glasses and 60 stacking wooden blocks
  • For 2 – 4 players
  • Recommanded for ages 18 and up





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