Insect Lollypop

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Slimy yet satisfying!

Insect Lollypop allows you to

  • Fill her up of proteins
  • Make new gastronomic discoveries
  • Create a perfect sweet and sour mix!


Sweets lovers, the things you enjoy the most on Earth are candies?

Since your childhood, your mom keeps repeating : “Candies do not feed a man!”, “If you want to be tall and strong, you need vitamins and proteins!”.

Here is something to thumb one’s nose at you dear mom : The Insect Lollypop!

What? Yes, the insects around us are an amazing source of vitamins and proteins!

In the near future, we are going to consume more and more of them : in powder or in their real look! They are not yet a part of our cultures, but they will be. Insects already are a common dish in plenty of area in the world, like in Asia, Africa and South America.

You can eat them in every shape and form : scorpions kebab, fried grasshoppers (it tastes like chips!), honey bees or plain larva…

So what do you think about giving it a try with the Insect Lollypop?

A good way to surprise your taste bud and make new gastronomic discoveries!


  • Taste available : scorpion, worm or ants
  • Scorpions grow in farms specifically for human consumption, they are completely safe to eat!




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