I Could Eat a Horse


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Feed the beast

The pasta measurer I Could Eat a Horse allows you to :

  • Measure how much you should eat
  • Don’t waste spaghetti
  • Have a fun and easy to use measurer


There are days we could literally eat a horse.

Your tummy gurgles, you’re desperately hungry… It’s time to feed the beast ! And to satisfy this humongous appetite : what’s better than pasta?

With the pasta measurer I Could Eat a Horse, you’ve found what you needed ! That essential tool will help you to measure how much you should eat.

Whether it is for a child, a woman, a man or even for those who could eat… a horse !


  • Pasta measurer
  • 4 sizes : child (65g), woman (100g), man (130g) and horse (400g / 4 people)
  • Easy to use



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