Glowing Balls Nightlight

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Because sleeping is not an option!

Glowing Balls Nightlight allow you to

  • Make Junior well sleeping
  • Don’t see him land in your bed!
  • Have a good night too!


Your toddler don’t spend a night without ending up in the parental room?

– Mom, dad, I cannot sleep, I had a nightmare…I m scared of darkness. (exhausting kids!)

Say STOP! Don’t let your kids ruin your precious night-time! Energy is more than a necessity among : shopping, work, housework and school! Have trouble sleeping is not an option!

At Junkpeoplebuy, we found a solution : Glowing Ball Nightlight!

This lamp can be used as for a backup light as a night-light. It will help Junior sleeping easy mind without being afraid of the dark. Actually, the glowing balls are portable, so Junior can carry them away everywhere he goes.

The perfect compromise between “sweet dreams, Junior” and “mom & dad can have a good night!”

Definitely a must-have for all parents that want to avoid nervous breakdown!


  • Multi-colored interactive night light
  • Base charges up the glowing, removable balls
  • Ages 2+
  • LED





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