Fullips Lip Enhancer

$ 19.99
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Want a kiss ?

The Fullips Lip Enhancer allows you to :

  • Have strikingly voluptuous lips
  • Have beautiful full mouth worthy of a certain Angelina J.
  • Boost your sex appeal


Sometimes, there are trends that we can’t explain, that we don’t understand and for which we don’t need to find an explanation. At the same time, there are useless gadgets !

Among those weird BUZZ : the Fullips Lip Enhancer.

The aim ? Enhance your lip thickness. Why ? To have a beautiful full mouth, for a sex appeal worthy of a certain Angelina J.

So, want a kiss ?


  • Do be careful when sucking. Refrain from going H.A.M. Suck lightly and only for 10-15 seconds at a time
  • Fullips is a cupping device that stimulates blood circulation in lips, resulting in a plumper pecker
  • Instructions included



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