Fish Training Kit

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Thanks to this Fish Training Kit:

  • Your fish will stay in shape
  • The aquatic suicide rate will significantly decrease
  • Your fish will be the coolest ever!


Are you sitting comfortably? Here’s a brief moment of nostalgia about a tragical event of my childhood. (Get out your handkerchief!)

Back in June 1997, when I was a little girl, I found my beloved Shark (my goldfish) lying on the ground…

That’s right, Shark (which seemed to be so happy in his round bowl) just had committed suicide!

So an important question arised: was Shark so unhappy? The answer seemed obvious…

Here’s what I would like to tell you folks: please, Ladies and Gentlemen, don’t underestimate the happiness of your goldfish!

Let’s fight against those repeated suicides by offering this Fish Training Kit to our aquatic friends.

The Fish Training Kit will provide them fun and exercise: the best way to stay in shape!



  • Includes a 45 minute detailed instructional DVD
  • Includes a full color manual
  • Includes the R2 Fish School Training Field



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