Cable Factory


$ 28,76
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Hop, in the box !

The Cable Factory allows you to :

  • Put your cables/chergers/plugs away
  • Organize your place
  • Have a fun new kind of power station


The 21th century is kind of the “wireless century”. Phones, computers, everything is wireless nowadays ! And yet, when you look around your place, in your living your, your desk : there is cable EVERYWHERE ! And it’s not easy to clear it up !

But no stress, with the Cable Factory, each cable will cleverly be hidden in this lovely box.

A new kind of power station, handy and cute. To put on the corner of your desk, at the foot of the bed, on a window sill !


  • Packing box for cables
  • Material : black plastic
  • Removable cover to hide a power strip





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