Zombie Top – When zombies show up

Posted by Alexina JPB, February 18th, 2015

Top 13 of proofs that zombies are everywhere (I mean EVERYWHERE!!)

Dead people, coming back to life… Nope, we’re not talking about Uncle Bob waking up after his nap… Nope, we’re talking about a very serious issue, much more terrifying: zombies!! Of course, the danger is still to prove… But, something is sure: zombies are everywhere!!


First, it began with stupid books (pfff, not even scary) but then, things started to be more and more concrete with, for example, the apparition of TV shows, movies… we started to be a bit scared, that’s right! But, since recently, the threat seems to be on the rise! Deads are slowly coming back between the livings!


Here’s a Top 13 to prove that these ugly faces invested your place! Keep calm and watch out! Zombies are everywhere!


P.S: Just in case, we also give you a few tricks, very useful if the threat finally becomes true! We never know…

1. Zombie Gnombie Statue

What’s more fun than a lovely (dead) gnome to enhance grandma’s garden?


gnombie zombie

Zombie Gnombie Statue

$ 20.73






2. The Zombie survival guide

Cause the threat seems pretty serious… So let’s take no risk!


zombie survival guide

The Zombie survival guide

$ 18.65






3. Survivors Roll up survival kit

Cause it’s great to have the guide… but let’s be a bit equipped (just in case…)!



Survivors Roll up survival kit

$ 63.99






4. Bleeding Zombie Target

Cause it’s great to have the guide and the kit… But what about the practice??

Here’s something to train yourself in “zombie’s massacre”.



Bleeding Zombie Target

$ 79.95






5. Dead Zombie Chocolate mold

Because usually, THEY try to eat us… for once, let’s reverse the roles!



Dead Zombie chocolate mold

$ 14.99






7. Zombie Cookie Jar Head

Even if THEY really seem to be stupid (or completely out to lunch), we’ve to admit that they have a fully filled head!


zombie cookie head

Zombie Cookie Jar Head

$ 35.00






8. Zombie slippers

Because, for once, a zombie’s decapitated head doesn’t look that disgusting! (it even looks comfy, right??)


zombie slippers

Zombie Slippers

$ 30.90






9. “Ask me about my zombie disguise” T-shirt

In case you would like to scare your comrades… Or just to strike up a conversation.


zombie disguise t-shirt

“Ask me about my zombie disguise” T-shirt

$ 30.90






10. Brain Jam

Because “why not”… it’s good for the skin they said…!


brain jam

Brain Jam

$ 10.80






11. The Walking Dead Monopoly

Emblematic figure of the “Zombie Mania”, it had to be a monopoly at their effigy!


walking dead monopoly

The Walking Dead Monopoly

$ 36.47






12. Zombie Hand Back Scratcher

Really useful isn’t it?? We could get use to it…!



Zombie Hand Back Scratcher

$ 24.50






13. Zombie toilet seat Grabber

Perfect to dissuade your guests from doing… you know (contaminating your bathroom…!)



Zombie Toilet Seat Grabber

$ 9.99






 We hope the message’s clear: watch out guys !


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