XMas Shopping – Maxi Frenzy Maxi Pleasure, Gifts under 50$!

Posted by Romain JPB, December 9th, 2014

TOP 20 Christmas gifts that will really please !

Every year it’s the story over again: end of the year festivities are fast approaching, and as usual we are late… So, I still need a Christmas gift for : Kevin, Gloria, Jason,…(oh gosh!)

That’s pretty bad…

Ok, it’s not like anyone died… or at least not yet!

Like every year, you found… I mean you found…When the unpacking start, all the clan think that Santa screw the address up (he drank to excess or what..?)

So, what does Santa Claus brings you this year?

– Kevin : I got the last version of anti-dandruff Head & Shoulder ! (Awesome!)

and you Gloria?

Gloria : The same rounded spoon than last year (that’s not really fair…you could at least wash it!)

It’s time to get a grip on yourself! The JPB Team drew up a list of the Maxi Frenzy Maxi Pleasure gifts under 50$, because all the family deserves to experiment the true magic of Christmas. (What? Oh yes, you are right, we do not celebrate Christmas for gifts…)

You do not have to come out grandma’s vase to every family dinner, create an EBay store for “unpacked Christmas gifts” or invent cool Christmas present to your friends in the schoolyard!

Your humble servants did the hard work for you, we found nice gifts that will please all the family!

Because the true magic of Christmas is being all the family together with not too lousy gifts!


1. Jesus Toaster

He took the bread and toasted it


Toaster Jesus

Jesus Toaster,

$ 34.95






2. Star Wars Stormtrooper 3D Mug

Because the breakfast is the most important meal of the day


Star Wars Stormtrooper Mug

Star Wars Stormtrooper 3D Mug,

$ 27.88






3. The Carstache

Because your car also deserve to be all dressed up for Christmas



The Carstache,

$ 44.99





4. “Fuck the rain” Umbrella

The perfect mate for every gloominess lover


Fuck Umbrella

“Fuck the rain” Umbrella,

$ 28.99






5. Design Aquarium

Your gold fish also deserve a home sweet home


Aquarium Design

Design Aquarium,

$ 33.45






6. Power Rangers Dress

Because being a geek is a unisexe way of thinking!


Power Ranger Dress

Power Rangers Dress,

$14.95 – $ 39.36






7. Batman Plaid

Because being sensitive to the cold is not booked by women


Batman Plaid

Batman Plaid,

$ 19.50






8. Humongous Headphones

Good Sound, nice design, we take it on!


Giant headphone

Humongous Headphone,

$ 33.29






9. The Grass Flip Flop

Because walking on the grass is a way of living


Grass Flip Fliop

The Grass Flip Flop,

$ 39.95






10. Super Mario Chess

Who said that Super Mario was a kid’s game


Super Mario Chess

Super Mario Chess,

$ 44.41






11.Waterproof Speaker

Because we all have that friend, the one who jumped in the swimming pool whitouth checking if his Ipod is in his pocket…


Waterproof Speaker

Waterproof Speaker,

$ 42.95






12. Target Alarm Clock

To get out of the right side of the bed


Alarm Clock Gun

Target Alarm Clock,

$ 21.83






13. Message in a Bottle USB

4GB of pure romanticism


Message Bottle USB

Message in a Bottle USB,

$ 22.95






14. Marshall Micro Amp

A must-have for every musician


Marshall Micro Amp

Marshall Micro Amp,

$ 44.99






15. World largest Gummy Bear

For all sweet lover


World largest Gummy Bear

World Largest Gummy Bear,

$ 28.44






16. Nintendo 64 USB Controller

Because we are fed up to play to our favorite emulator with a keyboard


Nintendo 64 USB Controller

Nintendo 64 USB Controller,

$ 14.99






17. Star Wars R2D2 Alarm Clock

Star Wars…What else?


R2D2 Alarm Clock

Star Wars R2D2 Alarm Clock,

$ 35.27






18. The Chemist Cocktail Kit

Because mixology is a Science


KIt Cocktail Chemist

The Chemist Cocktail Kit,

$ 31.09






19. Star Wars Lightsaber Candlestick

May the Force be with you !


Lightsaber Candle

Star Wars Lightsaber Candlestick,

$ 29.99






20. Baby Mop

Because if baby insistes on helping for the housework….We will not complain! (he crawls everywhere this little rascal!)



Baby Mop,

$ 46.70



Merry Christmas everybody !


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