XMas Shopping – 20 amazing Christmas Gifts under 25$

Posted by Romain JPB, December 2nd, 2014

TOP 20: gifts that will go down in history (and for less than 25$!)

Christmas will soon be upon us and you start feeling under pressure? That’s pretty normal… We can feel the Christmas spirit everywhere : on every street corner  there’s a Christmas tree; on every crossroads – an old bearded man; in every supermarket – absurds songs !

Enough! You’re sick of all this pressure! You are about to give away : “Never mind! This year John will have a tie and Jessica a scarf…I get tired of racking my brains!”

Don’t give up! Your JPB Team is there to save your Xmas(and your reputation)! We did all the hard graft for you (as a bird mom with its defenceless nestling) and here we are, offering you a selection that won’t leave anybody indifferent!

You don’t need to work your arse off or to rack your brains : all you have to do is use your forefinger to select the gift you want, with a simple click!

It’s easy, it’s funny…It’s JPB!



1. Wilson, Tom Hank’s precious volleyball

For a solo backpacker friend… He will never be alone again!


Wilson Volley Ball


 Wilson, Tom hank’s friend

$ 14.19



2. Smartphone Mounts Astronauts

Because it’s fun and practical (and ’cause you probably have a smartphone addict in your family!)



Smartphone Mounts Astronauts, 

$ 15.70



3. Star Wars R2D2 Measuring Cup Set

Once again, it’s practical and funny (and it’s perfect for two kinds of friends; chefs and geeks! Clever no?)


Star Wars R2D2 Measuring Cup Set

Star Wars R2D2 Measuring Cup Set, 




4. 3D Unicorn Mug

For your little niece, your super-girly friend, or to make a good joke to your roommate!



3D Unicorn Mug,

$ 12.99




5. Zombie Apocalypse Garden Gnomes

With these gnomes, aunt Jacky gonna be more than delighted! She will never forget the “lovely gift”of her “lovely nephew” (you, stupid brat…!)



Zombie Apocalypse Garden Gnomes,

$19.99 -$29.99




6. The Potty Putter Golf

To practice your putting while in the restroom (why not…!)


potty putter golf

Potty Putter Golf,

$ 11.97



7.  Samurai Umbrella

The best way to stay dry AND keep your manhood!



Samurai Umbrella

$ 27.21



8. Magical Unicorn Mask

For your “ugly faces” friends (but don’t tell them…)


unicorn mask

Magical Unicorn Mask

$ 23.00



9. The 30 Best recipes

For your food-lover’s friends, your “Nutella addicted” rommies…!



Nutella: 30 best recipes

$ 11.05




10. Polaroid Toilet Paper Holder

Just because it’s funny, funky and convenient!


polaroid toilet paper holder

Polaroid Toilet Paper Holder

$ 27.50




11. Boyfriend Arm Pillow

For your single friend…


Boyfriend PIllow

Boyfriend Arm Pillow

$ 24.99




12. Safety Duck Tub

To be a perfect godfather!


Duck Tub

Safety Duck Tub,

$ 13.49





13. Mind-Boggling Wine Bottle Puzzle

The gift for Uncle Ben… He knows why…!


wine bottle puzzle

Mind-Boggling Wine Bottle Puzzle,

$ 24.98




14. Plush Unicorn Slippers

Because you can’t be wrong, it’s more than adorable!



Plush Unicorn Slippers,

$ 17.99




15. Grizzly Bear Feet Slippers

For a more “manly” version…



Grizzly Bear Feet Slippers

$18.69 – $23.99





16. Pirate Bottle Opener

Welcome aboard, sailor!


pirate bottle opener

Pirate Bottle Opener

$ 12.28





17. The Nifty Fish Bowl

(caution: fish not included!)


fish bowl

Fish Bubble

$ 15.87





18. Magnetic Key Holder

Cute and convenient… What else?


key holder

Magnetic Key Holder, shaped like a cloud

$ 20.61



19. 8-Bit Holiday Wreath

For nostalgic retro gaming fans!



8-bit Holiday Wreath

$ 15.99




20. Bathing Bad

The bath salts for every Breaking Bad’s fan!


bathing bad

Heisenberg Bath Salts,

$ 12.51


And a last one… because it’s Christmas!

The Man Bowl

The bowl for every true man!


bathing bad

The Man Bowl,



Merry Christmas everybody !


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