Valentine’s Day – Gifts ideas for THEM

Posted by Alexina JPB, February 3rd, 2015

10 gifts ideas for you,  for every couple in love

Since you’re together, the “us” get the upper hand, the “we” is omnipresent and the “I” slightly forgotten…

But that’s normal, you’re in love and incredibly happy together.


As the Power Rangers once combined, you’re just one, one and the same. Of course, you’re both separate individuals, but we have to admit that once you’re next to each other, you’re shining!

As for Batman and Robin, Homer and Marge or JD and Turk (for the experts), when people think  about one of you, they directly think about the other… That’s normal, it’s like when you say Mickey… You directly think about Minnie! That’s the same for both of you!


So, if you’re one of these incredible couples, mythical and idyllic, here’s a top for you: the Top 10 of gifts for every couple in love!

Because at Junkpeoplebuy, big heart that we are, we wish you to have the best Valentine’s Day ever! So treat yourself, you deserve it!

1. The Smitten

Because even the cold won’t ever separate you!


the smitten

The Smitten

$ 37.75






2. Heart Shaped Mug

Because you two seem to be a single entity… like a really big heart!



Heart Shaped Mug

$ 7.99






3. Pillowcases “Beauty & Beast”

Because your love is as wonderfull as a Disney movie (and ’cause, hum… you know… we don’t want to hurt him!)


beauty and beast

Pillowcases “Beauty & Beast”

$ 23.90






4. Han and Leia Hand Towels

Because if you’re a geeky couple, a real one, you will love it!



Han and Leia Hand Towels

$ 19.99







5. Heart Shaped Umbrella

The rain, the wind, the storm… nothing could ever ruin your love!


heart umbrella

Heart shaped umbrella

$ 28.70






6. His and Hers Key Holder

Because it’s fun and practical (and ’cause you will finally know where are your keys)


His and hers key holder

His and hers Key Holder

$ 38.00






7. Personalized Venn Diagram

Because You + Him/Her = Love, and it deserves to be in a frame!



Personalized Venn Diagram

$ 30.55






8. Khal and Khaleesi Robes

Because you two are as mythical as this great couple!  Game of Thrones, yeaaaaaaah!



Khal and Khaleesi Robes

$ 17.99






9. M-Y Fronts

We still don’t know if it’s touching or terrifying… But we love it!



M-Y Fronts

$ 25.67






10. Twister Bed Sheets

No need to explain… You know why!


twister bed sheets

Twister Bed Sheets

$ 159.99





Happy Valentine’s Day everybody and don’t forget:

Make love, not War !


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