Valentine’s Day – Gifts ideas for HIM

Posted by Alexina JPB, January 28th, 2015

Top 10 of gifts to be the perfect girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

As the Nutella on your toast, the maple syrup on your pancakes or the bacon on your eggs, he’s the little extra that makes your days nicer! Half-human, half-héro, he’s your rock, your balance.

Of course, he has his bad days, grumpy and cranky… but what would you do without him! That’s normal, you’re in love…!


Ahh guys, our guys! They make us crying, we gave them hard time! (but they deserve it! Mostly)

In spite of everything, that’s an unanimous opinion, we love them!


Speaking of love, it’s time to realise that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! And what does it mean…? “OMG, I still don’t know what to offer him!”.

Unfortunately, the classic “I’m your gift, Honey” won’t be effective this year… (it worked last year so don’t be desperate!)


One more time, your devoted JPB Team makes your life easier! We concocted a new TOP to make your Valentine’s Day a wonderful day! Here’s our TOP 10 gifts ideas for HIM!






1. Girlfriend Body Pillow

Because we don’t want anybody to be jealous (she had her Boyfriend Pillow, so he may have his own version!)


girlfriend pillow

Girlfriend Pillow

$ 29.95







2. Samurai Kitchen Knife Set

Because he’s a warrior, even in the kitchen!


samurai knife set

Samurai Kitchen Knife Set

$ 56.78






3. LEGO Batman Alarm Clock

He may not admit it (damned pride) but he was wainting for that clock since years and years!


Batman Clock

Batman Alarm Clock

$ 29.99







4. Tetris Stackable Lamp

Funny, ingenious and surprising, that lamp will bring him back to that mythical game.



Tetris Stackable Lamp

$ 39.99








5. Viking Beard Hat

Because you would love to have a (very) hairy boyfriend!


viking beard Hat

Viking Beard Hat

$ 11.65






6. Star Wars Darth Vader Toaster

Because there’s nothing to say… Except that he will love you more (even more). No morning will ever be the same, and this is thanks to you!



Star Wars Darth Vader Toaster

$ 49.99






7. Love Bites Balloons

Because surprises are not only for ladies! So let’s go girls, it’s your turn to show him your loooove!


love baloons

Love Bites Balloons

$ 9.00.






8. Sex Panther Fragrance

Because a common fragrance is so 2014… The JPB Team introduce you THE fragrance: a magic solution to spend a great night!


Sex Panther

Sex Panther Fragrance

$ 45.12







9. Marty McFly Cap (Back to the Future)

Because it’s probably one of his 10 favourite movies ever ! (But don’t hang out with him when he wears that stuf… to salvage your reputation!)



Marty McFly Cap

$ 25.30






10. Valentine’s Day Mystery Box

If, despite our amazing list, you still don’t know what to offer… the mystery box is THE solution!


mystery box

Valentine’s Day Mystery Box

$ 45.15






Happy Valentine’s Day everybody and don’t forget:

Make love, not War !


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