Valentine’s Day – Gifts ideas for HER

Posted by Alexina JPB, January 21st, 2015

10 gifts to be THE perfect boyfriend on Valentine’s Day

Doesn’t matter what people say, Valentine’s day is a crucial day for every couple.


Of course, we’re many to claim that “Valentine’s day is only a commercial stuff, invented to make money and we don’t want to be part of this masquerade!” That’s right… And yet, even if we’re truly convinced that “this day sucks”, we always feel a bit awkward or even stupid on the D day.


Of course, the Valentine’s day is a major selling point for every big distribution company, but it’s also a great pretext to please the person you love and enjoy a moment together! Because yes, lovers, need more time to spend with each other!


So, at Junkpeoplebuy, we decided to compile a selection that will ensure you a great succes! Here are the 10 gifts to be THE perfect boyfriend on Valentine’s day beacause, yep buddy, you gonna have to make it! Let’s please your ladylove !


1. Boyfriend Pillow

Even if she’s the love of your life, the best thing that ever happened to you… You’re not against the idea of having a “second-You” (just to rebuild your broken arm bones)


boyfriend pillow

Boyfriend Pillow 

$ 28.99






2. Plush Kitten Bouquet

Girly reaction as “Ohmygoshthisissocuuuute” expected. Followed by a “Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”, shrill cry that proofs her satisfaction !



Plush Kitten Bouquet

$ 49.99






3. 8-Bit Rose

To be traditional but not hasbeen (and because : “This rose’s as eternal as or love, baby !” )



8-Bit Rose

$ 9.99






4. Heated Huggable Unicorn

Lovely plush + magical unicorn + comfy pillow = Tonight will be your night buddy !


heated huggable unicorn

Heated Huggable Unicorn

$ 30.27






5. Diamond Ring Lamp

To man’s utter despair, Marilyn was right… Diamonds are girl’s best friends… They love diamonds (big one…)
But don’t worry, we found the perfect trick to please them while keeping your banker.


diamond lamp

Diamond Ring Lamp

$ 11.90






6. Ryan Gosling Colouring Book

Because in her heart, he will always be the one… always… so get over it!


Ryan Gosling book

Ryan Gosling Colouring Book

$ 11.70



7. Foot Warmer Slippers USB

Because she always has ice-cold feet (and ’cause you’re her first victim once in bed)


warmer slippers

Foot Warmer Slippers USB

$ 21.00





8. Get F*cked Beanie

Because being a girl is not always really safe and, unfortunately, you can’t always be with her. So with that beanie, she will never get pestered anymore !


get fucked beanie

Get F*cked Beanie

$ 24.18






9. Chicken Handbag

Your chick loves being the queen in town, she swaggers like hen in her barnyeard…? Here’s what she needs !


chicken handbag

The Original Chicken Handbag

$ 37.86






10. Panda Pop-Up

Because she lives in a teddy bear’s world (and beacause that’s one of the reasons why you love her…)


panda pop-up

Panda Pop-Up

$ 15.16






And for the killjoys still not convinced by the magic of love… Here’s a lovely card to express your feelings.





Happy Valentine’s Day everybody and don’t forget:

Make love, not War !


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