Maxi gifts for mini budgets – Xmas Shopping for broken people

Posted by Alexina JPB, November 27th, 2014

Top 20: Gifts under $10

You’re flat busted…?  As broke as church mouse…?

And the holiday shopping period is fast approching! How depressing!


Don’t worry my friend! Your JPB Team is there to rescue you!

We’ve made this Top 20 for people like you (and sadly like most of us…) to proof that you don’t need to spend a lot to please your friends!


Here’s 20 ideas of  amazing gifts that won’t ruin you! Enjoy !


1. Canned Dragon Meat

You gonna make someone’s day! (What? We never said that it had to be usefull!)


dragon meat

Canned Dragon Meat, 

$ 9.99




2. Mini Bat-Signal

For your Batman Lover Friend (’cause yes, we all have one…)



Mini Batman Bat-Signal

$ 9.95



3. Bacon Candy Canes

To be (un)traditional !


bacon candy canes

Bacon Candy Canes, 

$ 6.35




4. Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cup Set

I’ts design, it’s fun, it’s practical and it’s cheap… We just love it!


ctrl alt delete cup set

Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cup Set,

$ 7.99




5. Thumb Wrestling Ring

Finally a real ring for this noble sport.

Ready ? 3…2…1… FIGHT!


thumb ring

Thumb Wrestling Ring, 

$ 5.99



6. Das Can-In-Stein

To drink your beer with magnificence!


das can in stein

Das Can-In-Stein,

$ 9.99



7. French Toast Stamper

To add a French Touch to your glamourious breakfast.


toast stamper

French Toast Stamper, 

$ 4.22 



8. Dollar Toilet Paper

It’s no longer an utopia! You can wipe your ass with 100$ bills!


dollar toilet paper

Dollar Toilet Paper, 

$ 6.15



9. The Life Lover’s Book

For your friend who hates everything… It may help (not sure about that!)


i hate everything

I Hate Everything, 

$ 7.10

10. Finger Hockey

To pass the time during your English class… Don’t thank us!


finger hockey

Finger Hockey, 

$ 8.49




11. Switch Blade Comb

Don’t be ashamed by this comb hidden in your bag… Brandish it proudly and step into El Padrino‘s shoes!


switch comb

Switch Blade Comb,

$ 3.94




12. DIY – I love you Bean

Give this bean to the person you love : it will reveal a sweet message while growing!


i love you bean

DIY – I love you bean, 

$ 6.99




13. Say Cheese!

Cheese addict and old-school stuffs lover : here’s the perfect combo! These cheese slicer looks exactly like a old Polaroid Camera.


polaroid cheese slicer

Polaroid Cheese Slicer, 

$ 9.99




14. Funnyside Up Egg Molds

Perfect to start your day at the right foot !


Funnyside up

Funnyside Up Egg Molds,

$ 9.99




15. Kama Pootra

To be inspired … in the bathroom (why not?)



Kama Pootra, 

$ 8.11




16. Dashboard Monk

A workaholic friend? Way too busy to relax? Give him this little monk, it’ll help him to chill out !


dashboard monk

Dashboard Monk, 

$ 6.30




17. Toothbrush Star Wars

The perfect gift for your geeky friend!

P.S: Be carefull, he may be offenced…


toothbrush star wars

Toothbrush Star Wars,

$ 5.56




18. Gold Glitter Lips

To simply dazzle on New Year’s Eve!


gold lips

Gold Glitter Lips,

$ 9.00




19. Cute Monkey Nail Dryer

With this nail dryer, you can be sure you will please her! Incredibly cute and helpful, this is the perfect gift (for her).


monkey nail dryer

Cute Monkey Nail Dryer,

$ 3.41




20. The Gift of Nothing

Last but not least: the gift of nothing… for people who have everything! (a bit expensive for nothing don’t you think…?)


the gift of nothing

The Gift of Nothing,

$ 9.99

 Merry Christmas everybody !


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