Burger Invasion
From Burgers to Invaders!

Posted by Alexina JPB, December 2nd, 2014

Top 15 “Burger Invasion”

I don’t want to scare you guys, but there’s something you need to know…

Yes they are! As small invaders, they appear slowly in our cities, our streets, our shops and even our homes! It’s a real invasion!


Obviously, the “Burger Invasion” first started in the Food industry: whether it be in Fast Food or in Gastronomy, burgers conquered both!

Once settled, this small sandwich (sneaky and sly) expanded its networks to finally reach every sector in our society (starting, among others, by ruining our perfect body dreams…!).



In this huge “burgers ocean”, your JPB team found the bests; the must-have; the stuffs we need, we want, we love!
Here’s our Top 15 of the “Burger Invasion”! Hope you’ll enjoy!


Caution : Not for the faint-hearted… Overdose possible!


1. Ipad Case Burger

The proof that burger may be design (sometimes…)

In a very sober and modern graphic approach, Pantone Food offers us a minimalist version of the Burger! We like, we love : Hats off to them!


Pantone Burger Case

Ipad Hamburger Case, Pantone Food, 



2. Burger Bean Bag

Because, what can be better than eating a burger, seating ON a burger… ?


burger bean bag


Burger Bean Bag, Wow! Works, 




3. Burger Sweatshirt

THE Sweatshirt each “Burger Lovers” must have! THE  hipster Sweatshirt of the moment and one of the bestsellers of Mr Gugu & Miss Go! We can’t get enough of it… and you?


Burger Sweatshirt

Tasty Burger Sweatshirt, Mr Gugu & Miss Go,

$ 64.20



4. Burger T-Shirt

Another must-have for  “Burger Lovers” ! Thanks Mr Gugu & Miss Go, we’re so spoiled…!


burger t shirt

Burger T-shirt, Mr Gugu & Miss Go,

$ 40.12



5. Cheeseburger Phone

More than a classic, the Cheeseburger Phone is an early pioneer of the Burger Invasion! We love its retro touch and its look so… Yuuummy!


Cheeseburger Phone

 Cheeseburger Phone,

$ 8.35



6. Shower Curtain “Keep calm & eat burgers”

I told you: Burgers invaded us even in our own bathroom! But don’t worry, they just delivered a message of peace (that we will comply for sure! ).


burger shower curtain

Shower Curtain “Keep Calm and eat burgers”, CafePress,

€ 39.25


7. Burger Trucker Cap

To have a burger in your mind (in every sense of the word…)


burger trucker cap

Burger Trucker Cap, Neff,

$ 22.00



8. Laptop Pouch “Ketchup Attack”

Fun and practical, this pouch is, of course, one of our must-have. You won’t see your tomato ketchup the same way… (traitor!)


pouch laptop burger

Laptop Pouch “Ketchup Attack”, 

$ 31.14



9. Burger and Fries Boxer

Watch out ! Burgers are even invading your underwear…!

boxer burger

 Burger and Fries Boxer, Izod,

$ 15



10. Burger Backpack

Because this one is just so coooooooool! Practical and mouth-watering… The perfect combination !


burger backpack

Burger Backpack, Neff,

$ 35.30



11. Cheeseburger Stereo Headphones

Put some music in your ears, have burgers on your ears !


burger headphones

Cheeseburger Stereo Headphones, Bioworld, 

$ 24.99



12. Baby Bodysuit “I love burgers”

Even your toddler can claim to be a “Burger Lover”. He may not be able to speak, but yet… the message is clear!


body i love burger

Baby Bodysuit “I love Burgers”, CafePress,

$ 17.99



13. Pretzel Burger Love Pillow

So cute, this pillow wil be your best friend to go to bed! I think I know what you gonna dream of … °°°°BURGER°°°°°


pretzel burger pillow

Pretzel Burger Love Pillow, Nihila,

$ 24.99



14. Iphone Case Burger

Of course…another essential accessory : the Iphone case is THE must-have nowadays! So if on top, it’s a BURGER CASE : we need it!


iphone case burger

Iphone Case Burger, Neff,

€ 18.00



15. Coaster Set “Forget the Diet”

We loved them for their heartwarming honesty … Long live Junkfood, forget the good resolutions and LET’S EAT SOME BURGERS !


forget the diet

Coaster Set “Forget the diet”, 

$ 14.00



 We told you ! Burgers are everywhere !


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