Bed Prism Spectacles

$ 7.58
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Enjoy the horizontal comfort!

The Bed Prism Spectacles allows you to:

  • Read or watch TV lying down
  • Avoid stiff neck and sore body
  • Relax with a good book


Relaxing, enjoying time and reading a wonderful book in your bed… it’s sounds perfect right?

And yet, once settled, you realize it’s not that easy to find THE perfect posture: the one allowing you to read and be comfy.

Stiff neck and sore body are often the results…

With the Bed Prism Spectacles you won’t have these problems again! You will be able to enjoy reading a book or watching TV in horizontal comfort thanks to precisely aligned glass prisms.

Of course, the look seems a bit ridiculous BUT once tried you won’t leave it!


  • Lightweight spectacles
  • Precisely aligned glass prisms
  • Ideal for traveling or patients in bed



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