Beard Baubles


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Nice balls dude !

The Beard Baubles allow you to :

  • Make a great gift to your hipster friend
  • Make a fantastic Xmas card
  • Shine like a Xmas tree


In 2015, your Christmas tree won’t be the only star during the holiday season !

Yep gentlemen, you’ll have your moment of glory too ! You’re going to shine !At least your chin.

Indeed, when it comes to accessories designers do not lack of creativity, and the crazy trend for this year : the Beard Baubles.

Some tiny lovely Xmas baubles to ornament your facial hair !

P.S : you know what funny pic you’ll do for Xmas cards (and we WANT to see the result !)


  • Contains 9 clip on beard baubles of assorted colours
  • Tiny christmas baubles




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