Baby Mustache Pacifier

$ 9.06
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Because your toddler worth it!

The Baby Mustache Pacifier is perfect to:

  • Proof the awesomness of your kid
  • Take memorable pictures
  • Make laugh the entire family


Deeply inside, you know your baby is the most incredible one in the world, it’s not questionable.

However, even if there is no proof needed to confirm that fact, you really would like to give to your toddler the opportunity to stand out!

Don’t look anymore, the Baby Mustache Pacifier is for you (and for all the other parents who just want a funny stuff for their kids!)

The Baby Mustache Pacifier, aside from being so cute, will quickly become an essential of your “Baby survival kit”.

It’s also a guarantee for memorable photos! Your toddler will thank you later!


  • Age 0-6 months



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