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"What's JUNKPEOPLEBUY and what on earth does that mean?" Are these the questions you face? Perplexed, lost? Don't know where you've landed? Don't worry buddy, we'll tell you everything. By the time you're done reading this there will be no more secrets.

So, What is Junkpeoplebuy?

JUNKPEOPLEBUY is the combination of three words "JUNK" "PEOPLE" and "BUY" (no kidding, you're learning so much aren't you...?) This combination is curently used to categorize a group of people having a teeny tiny tendency to impulse buy. In short, JPB it's you, me, your neighbor, your momma, your grandma, and everyone else. Because yes, even if we don't want to admit it, we are all these strange people that keep buying stuff we don't need but we absolutely want! And that's exactly what JPB is: the strength of the urge instead of reason! Does that make sense to you? If yes WELCOME, you're human and you're one of us!

Hmm...Seriously Guys? You're crazy or...?

Nope, we're just two vintage style Junkies, passionate about funky stuff. The idea of creating JPB came up while we were searching for hours and hours for a place selling the things we love. Getting desperate, we decided to fix this issue by starting the JUNKPEOPLEBUY adventure!

Yep... and you are..?

The coolest Belgian couple (it's true! Ask any of our friends...).
If you want to contact us, it's HERE !

Alright, I guess everything is said!

Wait, one more thing! Aside from collecting all the bizarre stuff from the Web, We also like writing funny articles about facts, events, attitudes...each one funkier than the other! Come to have a look, it's crazy, it's funny, it's

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